petek, 18. april 2014

Saas Fee and Champagny UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup 2014

I have not written in a while - I have taken some time to recharge my batteries, rest from climbing and work.  As work and sport not always combine best as far as salary goes, I have to work some-place to make my ends meet.  This place for me is my mom's sport manual therapy office.

In the beginning of December however, I felt motivated again to start training. I knew that this was too late for competing this season and I really had no plans to compete. But as I was getting better and better, regaining my strength, I decided last minute to go to Saas Fee, Switzerland. For me it was not only about the competition, but also about meeting people, getting new experience and a positive spirit which is the most important to me. I love and enjoy all sorts of climbing: sport, ice, rock and alpine.

After two falls in qualifications, I went hiking with another competitor Martina and enjoyed landscapes on a sunny day. I did my best. I realize that one has to work really hard to qualify for a finale.

On the way to the next competition to Champagny we spent a few days in Kandersteg, my popular winter place for mix an ice climbing

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