nedelja, 25. november 2012


If you want to experience the heart of Dalmatia, you should go to Split. There are many climbing spots around. Some of the best are: Klobuk, Markezina Greda, Marjan, Omiš, Trogir,... There are a lot of possibilities for a new routs too. 

A few of my climbs:
- Fantazist, Klobuk, 7b NP
- W.A.S.P., Omiš, 7a+ NP
- Sex je precijenjen, Omiš, 7b/b+ NP

Aniča with Cuca

After Valle Orco I spend a great time with Carlos "Cuca" Simes and Helen. After a few weeks in Osp we went to Paklenica. It is a beautiful gorge close to the sea with a 350 m North  wall. You can find trad or sport climbing routes. The rock is really sharp and compact. Apart from climbing you can see a bear, fishing, swimming, paddling, windsurfing, running, cycling, base jumping, hiking, doing yoga,...See you next year!